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The roof began deteriorating in October 2002 as a result of Hurricane Kenna and continued being damaged over time, and by the animals that live in the area (raccoons, opossums, iguanas and lizards). This caused flooding year after year not only by the flow of water from the floor but also by the water coming in from the roof each rainstorm, which also caused damage and deterioration of equipment and material for therapies.

In 2010, one of our patients’ father who works at CEMEX told us about the “Lazos Familiares” program and the request was made through him.

In 2013, after evaluating the different projects that they presented to their customers in this area, we heard from CEMEX staff, who visited us as well as other institutions in the area, that our project was the selected winner for support.

Afterwards, the architect from CEMEX Foundation estimated the cost of the work at $ 390,000.00, by recycling the metal structure that was in good condition to save the purchase of steel beams. From the  $ 390,000.00, the clinic would have to pay $ 80,000.00.  As a result of the Altruism Festival event  we collected $20,000.00, and the rest has been used to purchase an awning that we are using as storage to store some of the therapy material while the repair takes place. However, we were short $ 60,000.00 to complete our part.

Therefore we asked EWF for support in this project and we also asked them to give us the grant before the time when it is officially given, since we had to sign an agreement before they started the work that we would be responsible for the amount that was due.

We are very grateful to each and every one of the members of Eagle’s Wings Foundation for their approval to expedite the grant so that the work could begin immediately.

 Laura Lopez from Clinica Santa Barbara AC.

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